Home Owners and Property Owners

Home owners and property owners need their interests served in order to maintain high quality standards as well as be able to make improvements to economic developments.

Successful memberships typically consist of leaders in each corresponding subdivisions or local areas. Members of these organizations often receive things such as seminars. Associations need to continue to look for education for staying on top of the growing and ever changing issues that face associations as well as home owners. Good examples are when this education can expand into how other successful organizations are run.

Meetings and seminars

Seminars offer an excellent variety of meetings for attendees for things like: Anatomy of a Homeowners Association, Practical Deed Restriction Enforcement Clinic, Diagnosing Your Neighborhood’s Assets, Super Neighborhood Solutions & Best Practices and Advice on fighting what causes neighborhood crimes.

  • What issues to home owners in associations face?
  • Can we offer ways for home owners to get discounts off their required monthly bills?

Saving on Car insurance

Consider costs for car insurance before you buy a new car. Combine your insurance policies. Many new home owners are also newly married and have not combine their policies yet. Compare multiple quotes. Drive less if you can. Drive safer or just make sure you are aware at all times to reduce any accidents. Some home owners already know that increasing a deductible on their home owners will reduce monthly costs the same is true for car insurance.


Mortgage refinance programs

Look into a new program called HARP. Once you have an understanding reach out to a lender if you are current on your mortgage payments. If you have little equity in your home you may be eligible for a HARP refinance.


Home improvement programs (NRIA )

You may have access to government sponsored home improvement programs that help pay for the home improvements. You could qualify for grants, government insured loans, tax credits, discounts and other special home improvement programs that most consumers are unaware of.


New car purchase from a safety perspective

Once you buy a new home you may also be in the market to upgrade to a new vehicle. Most people want things and neglect to think logically about what they actually need. New cars will vary in price and will affect things like car insurance costs. But one thing most people forget is the lifetime maintenance costs and costs that are associated with poor safety ratings. A safer car generally speaking gives you better short and long term savings.

Savings by improving home efficiency

Use less. Spend less. Consider a professional auditor who can detect leaks with sophisticated tools, such as blower doors and infrared cameras. Your local utility company may offer this for free. You may be able to teach yourself what you need to know to be able to run these tests yourself and put money toward addressing the found issues.